Introduction to English 10

Welcome to English 10: Introduction to Literary Theory or “The Monster in the Mirror” from summer session A, 2014.

Formally, this class is an introduction to literature and how we, as scholars, read it. Thematically, this class addresses figures of monstrosity and strangeness, the unknown and the seeming unknowable and asks how literature shows us ourselves as monstrous and the monsters as not so different from us.

Here is the link to the full syllabus:

Here is the (password protected) link to all the readings:

Here is the (password protected) list of student social media blogs for this class:

Here all the handouts and assignments that have been distributed so far:

Note: This post will be updated throughout the summer as more assignments come due and more information becomes relevant.


I'm a doctoral student in English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My interests lie in the field known very broadly as the Digital Humanities and I focus on reading digital books (what happens to books as they become not merely digitized, but digital) and reading books digitally (how can we use computers to learn new things about literature). In what spare time I have, I read speculative fiction, transform long strings of yarn into apparel and decor and play with my friends' dogs while eagerly awaiting the day when we move to an apartment complex that will allow us to have one.

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